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お笑い | Japanese Comedy Community
10 15 12 - owarai_tv
Hi everyone, just a note that I've gotten the archive owarai_tv back up now that all the Megaupload hooha has died down (and I have better time management heh). I'm still uploading bit by bit, but I've uploaded THE MANZAI 2012 and King of Conte 2012 so you could head to the archive to download now~ Sidebar is still incomplete though. I'm sorting out my files to upload the whole M-1 Grand Prix, as well as random variety shows here and there.

Have a great day ahead! :)
Japanese TV stations usually do an overhaul of their tv programs come autumn, and although this year is not exception, some long-running programs are ending this summer. I've compiled a small list of programs that have ended/are ending below. What do you guys think?

Fuji TV
Fuji TV ni Detai Hito TV
Haneru no Tobira
HEY! HEY! HEY! Music Champ
Kikaknight F
Sekai Ittemitara Honto wa Konna Toko Datta!?

Minna no Amekan
Piroron Gakuen
Sekai! Dangan Traveller
Tokyo Hit Girl

Kyokasho ni Nosetai!
SataNep Best Ten
TakaToshi no Jikan Desuyo!
The Bucchigiri TV
TV Con Giro

TV Asahi
Gori Gori Cream
Guest to Guest
Seken ni Tobidase! Bananahan

TV Tokyo
Atsushi no Kanpai shite mita!
Gyoten Quiz! Chin Rule Show
Kazoku ni Narou (Yo)
KOZY'S NIGHT Makeinu Kachiinu
Shimada Shuuhei no Kaidan Kidan
Zakkuri Highball

Kono hen!! Traveller

Let me know if there are others not listed above. I'll definitely miss Kikaknight and TV Con Giro ← this show was really awesome since Quiz Talent Meikan days. :( Also I secretly hope that Asahi Housou would continue Konotora......... Sigh.
Tokyohive article mentioned nothing about comedians. :( I've included photos and their previous ranking (in February, if there is) for the comedians listed!

Male CelebritiesCollapse )

Female CelebritiesCollapse )

source, source

I'm a little surprised that Morisanchuu is not in the list! Personally I love Oasis (Oasiz?) to bits, but this list is more generic I guess. Cream Stew is not on the list either, hmmmmm. I wonder why TakaToshi dropped so many ranks when they were part of 24HR TV this year. When will we see more wakate geinin on this list? Hehe.
King of Conte has just ended! Did anyone catch it live? I caught it on Sopcast, but someone has uploaded on FC2 already! (First stage, Second stage) *UPDATE* Youku Full show

And the winner is... *SPOILERS*Collapse )

Thoughts *SPOILERS*Collapse )

Have you watched it? How was it? :)
Pokemon ♪ Chopsticks Mudkip
Er, hello! So, I just recently got into Japanese comedy and I tried my hand in writing an introduction post to the group that brought me into the genre. I know experienced fans might think pffft, they're not really that funny, but I have a huge soft spot for them because they're the first duo I really started following.

I apologize for getting wordy. Feel free to skip the words and click on the links to videos, I would still appreciate it greatly. :3

Audrey (オードリー): an Introduction

*pokes community* Erm, I hope that was alright. Unrelated, but it's Yoshimoto's 100th anniversary! There's a link on their official site to the recording of the press conference, among other things.

It’s been reported that Yasuda Kazuhiro (44) of comedian duo Dangerous has tied the knot to a 25-year-old non-celebrity!

The couple had been dating for approximately three years, and registered their marriage on January 17th. Yasuda commented, “I thought this would be buried amidst Hamasaki Ayumi-san and Wakatsuki Chinatsu-san’s big news. However, I’m thankful that people are interested in someone like me. I will continue to work hard, so please continue to support Dangerous.”

This news was first revealed by Yasuda’s comic partner Nocchi on January 15th through his official blog. He wrote, ”With this, Dangerous has become a 4-person group. Let’s do our best for our wives.” He also joked, “I’m envious she’s 19 years younger.”

Congratulations to the happy couple!

12 30 11 - Jan DVD Release
List of DVDs to be released in January!

Amazon Amazon.co.jp
HMV HMV.co.jp
Tsutaya Tsutaya
CD Japan CD Japan
Yesasia Yesasia

Jarujaru, Bakushou Mondai, Garigeru...Collapse )
Site NewsCollapse )

In the meantime, I thought a fun way to get to know each other in this community would be a good first activity! As it stands now, the owarai fandom is rather small-- meaning we have the great chance many fan groups don't have and that's to really meet and converse with fellow fans!

Nickname (If Any):

Favorite Owarai Solo Performer(s):
Favorite Owarai Konbi (Group) Performer(s):

Favorite Shows that Feature Owarai Geinin (Entertainers):
Favorite Ippatsu Gyagu (One-Shot Gag):

Manzai (Stand Up) vs Konto (Skit) Comedy?:

What got you into owarai?
How do you usually keep up with owarai?
Who/What would you enjoy seeing featured in owarai?

Feel free to fill this out and add/omit as much information as you want. Chat and meet fellow members as well!

Also, moderators please feel free to fill this out as well to introduce yourselves to the community. Go ahead and put (MOD) in your comment's subject title so the members will know you're a part of staff!
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